Cultural Exchange Day, back by popular demand……

Cultural Exchange Day, back by popular demand……

Subject of this gathering, Nage Waza (throwing techniques)

Our intention is to cover all aspects of Nage Waza, including Han Sutemi (half sacrifice, Sutemi, (full sacrifice) Kaeshi Waza (Counter techniques) Renraku Waza (combination techniques) and Osaekomi Waza (ground-fighting Techniques)

Time permitting we will also put these ideas into practice with some Randori (free practice)

It goes without saying that this is NOT a competition or competitive event. You are invited to leave your competition head at the door. Or better still, don’t put it on in the first place.

The seminar is open to students of all and any art, and free from politics. Come with an open mind and an open heart, share ideas and enjoy the afternoon with like minded people.

Venue; Koi Dojo – Basingstoke.

Instructor discounts available.


Dojo Fees; £10 per person.

Any questions, feel free to ask……..