Young Samurai Classes Coming Soon.

Young Samurai Classes Coming Soon.

The Koi Dojo will be starting Young Samurai classes in traditional Japanese Martial Arts in mid-June 2018. Class numbers will be limited so we advise registering a place as soon as is practicable.

Classes are open to young Samurai aged 14 to 17 only and no experience of martial arts is necessary.

The classes are held in our purpose-built Dojo which has 1000 square feet of study area, is fully equipped and has a spectator viewing area for any parents wishing to stay and observe the classes.

The Dojo is on the outskirts of Basingstoke, roughly 10 minutes’ drive from the hospital.

We are often asked “what are the benefits of martial arts in young adults”. I hope the following Q & A help you decide if our classes are suitable for your children.
Q; I’m not sure I want my child to be studying something that’s violent and aggressive.
A; Classes in traditional Japanese arts are NOT about violence & aggression. In fact, the exact opposite. We appreciate that the main focus of martial arts is often on self-defence, however there is MUCH more to self defence than physical confrontation. We teach that a physical answer is ALWAYS the last resort and that any physical confrontation should be ended as quickly as possible. True martial arts is NOT about confrontation.

Q; Are there any other benefits to my child studying martial arts?
A; Absolutely there are. Self-confidence, self-control, discipline, routine, etiquette, responsibility, problem solving, improved mental concentration, patience and communication skills to name but a few. Joining a traditional dojo and studying with a likeminded group, all striving to achieve the same goals can also build a sense of belonging, to being part of a team. These are all skills young adults will find incredibly beneficial as they venture out into the wider world to further their careers.

Q; Do you only teach martial arts?
A; These classes are for young Samurai, its our intention to study as many facets of the Samurai as possible, from martial arts, through calligraphy and the tea ceremony.

Q; What competitions do you have?
A; Traditional martial arts are not about competition or winning medals and trophy’s.

Q; How long are the classes?
A; Classes are £5 per student.

Q; What nights will the classes be?
A; We are planning the classes to be on Monday and/or Wednesday evenings.

If you would like more information, have any questions or would like to register, please free to contact us directly.