Koi Dojo Basingstoke, new classes for September

Koi Dojo Basingstoke, new classes for September.

This September (2017) sees the start of our next classes for new students.

New students welcome in the study of Ninpo Tai Jutsu and Koryu Bujutsu on Monday and Wednesday evenings and Zen Judo on Thursday evenings.

All classes start at 8pm and finish at 9:30pm.

No experience is necessary and all classes are open to anyone aged 18 and over.

Ninpo Tai Jutsu, Koryu Bujutsu and Zen Judo are all ideal for anyone looking for traditional Japanese martial arts, self defense or generally to improve their fitness.

These are technical arts, so non-competitive making them ideal for everyone, regardless of gender or fitness levels.

New students are welcome to attend on any or all nights, any or all arts.

For more information contact us by email; mark@shinobikaiuk.co.uk