Ladies Self defence at the Koi Dojo

A great start to the September workshops…………….

Great to see people having fun discussing a very serious subject.

A nice balance of common sense ideas to avoid being in a difficult situation, together with some practical strategies to deal with unwanted attention.

There’s no one technique to deal with every situation, so trying to put together simple and effective (for effective read “really painful) techniques.

Its not about teaching the techniques of a martial art and getting the students to defend against that art, usually from a face to face situation.

That’s NOT ladies self defense.   A martial art developed by men, for men, to fight on the battlefields of Japan against other men, probably wont really help ladies in a dark alleyway in 2017.

Lets keep the ideas and strategies 2017 realistic, lets share common sense ideas about the situations to avoid, lets look at what the law says we can do to defend ourselves, lets look at what constitutes an offensive weapon and most important of all, lets think about where we are, where we’re going and we’re going to get there.  Lets look at how to avoid confrontations and difficult situations in the first place.

Keep it real, use some common sense and best of all, keep it safe.