Shodan Testing

Interesting 1-2-1 class last night.

Preparing students for their Shodan test is always special, and always throws up new challenges.

No two students of Ninpo Tai Jutsu are the same, each has their own strengths, each has their own areas to improve.

Tonight’s study, Tai Jutsu, escape, evasion, positioning, deciding if and when to counter attack and when to “dissapear”. ¬†Strategy and tactics.

Ending the workshop with Sakki testing using a Fukuru Shinai.

Learning something new about how I approach the Sakki test, using different weapons, either the Fukuru Shinai, the bamboo shinai, a bokken or katana.

I have no problem summoning the desire to kill with a Fukuru Shinai, but so much harder with a bokken or Katana.

A little introspection suggests that I know in my heart of hearts if a student “fails” the Sakki test with a Fukuru Shinai nothing bad will happen to him, so I can be MUCH more determined to deliver the attack.

But knowing a failure with a Bokken or Katana means I hold back more as it would definitely kill the student.

Questions questions question.  What an EXCELLENT class.