This weeks classes

This week classes at Koi Dojo Basingstoke & Portsmouth Dojo, studying the Tenshijin Ryaku no Maki.

The Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki is at the core of studying Ninpo Tai Jutsu.

Many years ago, Soke Hatsumi presented this collection for all students as a way for everyone to learn the fundamental skills which are common to most of the Nine Ryuha (“traditions”).

One view of the various chapters within the Tenchijin is that the Ten, or Heavenly Strategies Book, involves techniques of space and distance around the opponent.  The Chi or Earthly Strategies Book, deals with the body of the opponent.  The Jin or Humanly Strategies Book, deals with the axis of where both Ten and Chi cross one another, the combination of the two in a balance.

Another way is to see the Ten, Chi and Jin chapters as the three legs of a stool.  Development of all three is vital to sustain one’s Taijutsu.  If any leg is missing, the stool will not stand.  If one leg is shorter than the other, the stool will wobble.  So is it that the student MUST have an equal understanding of all three elements, Ten, Shi and Jin.

Naturally the meanings are open for differing interpretations.  However, whichever meaning one applies, the Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki is the foundation of Ninpo tai Jutsu study and should be the focus of study for all students.

The Tenchijin can usually found printed in one book or Densho, however its also found printed as individual manuals.