Ura Gyuaku-Henka-Kaeshi

Great to be back at my old Ninpo Tai Jutsu Dojo in Portsmouth as a guest instructor.

Last nights class, Ura Gyaku, (inner wrist lock) Henka (variations) and Kaeshi (counters)

Grasping what resistance training really means, understanding how working with the feeling and shape of a movement can enable us to interpret a technique being applied to us and finding “the moment” to escape, evade and avoid it being applied to ourselves.

In Ninpo Ti Jutsu positioning, timing and feeling are EVERYTHING.

Studying the foundation Ura Gyaku found in Kihon Happo (eight fundamental ways) applying a resistance to the technique.

Working with the resistance to apply Henka (variation) to make it work, using our positioning to put us in the “right” place.

Using our positioning, feeling and interpretation to determine when and where to move to, and how doing the right thing in the wrong place means instead of escaping a technique, we can place ourselves in a worse situation.

Ninpo Tai Jutsu is about being in the right position, and NOT about taking a posture.

Being in the right place and feeling the technique means we are able to escape and if appropriate, apply Kaeshi Waza (escape techniques)

Looking forward to returning to Shinobi Ki Portsmouth Dojo next month.

Great to be back, thank you all for the warm welcome.